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Natural Stone Cleaning and Maintenance Dos & Don’ts

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Natural stone adds a classic elegance to your home that’s hard to match. Yet, proper care and cleaning are critical factors in keeping your stone surfaces looking just as beautiful as they did when you first installed them.

Here’s a list of dos and don’ts for the proper cleaning and maintenance of your natural stone surfaces:


  • Do protect your natural stone tables and countertops from damage by using trivets, coasters, and placemats, and use area rugs, runners, or mats to cover heavily trafficked floor areas.
  • Do dust mop natural stone floors daily. Dust other stone surfaces often.
  • Damp mop floors as needed, using a pH-neutral cleaner.
  • Do clean up spills immediately — especially acidic liquids on marble and other soft stone surfaces. Blot rather than rubbing to avoid surface dulling or etching.
  • Do use a specialized marble and granite cleaner or a mild detergent for cleaning. Neutral pH cleaners are best. Be sure your cleaner’s label states that it’s safe for use on natural — not cultured — marble. Rinse with clear water and dry thoroughly.
  • Do consider sealing your natural stone surfaces to protect them.


  • Don’t use harsh liquid or foam cleaners on or near your natural stone surfaces. These include ammonia, window cleaner, bleach, and toilet-bowl cleaner.
  • Don’t use cleaners designed to remove mineral deposits or soap scum — even in your shower — unless the label states they are safe for use on natural stone.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners, such as cleanser or steel wool pads on your stone surfaces. Avoid soft cleansers as well.
  • Don’t clean soft natural stone with lemon juice, vinegar, or any other acid-based cleaner.
  • Don’t use stone soap on your natural stone. It leaves a deposit that’s difficult to remove.
  • Don’t damp-mop your newly installed stone floor right away. To avoid streaking, dust-mop or vacuum until all signs of white powder are gone.

If you follow the above stone care dos and don’ts, your natural stone should remain beautiful for years to come. Contact for help with natural stone cleaning, stain removal, sealing, repair, and restoration. Proper natural stone care makes the difference!