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Your natural stone brings beauty and sophistication to your home. That’s one good reason to do everything in your power to keep that stone looking its best.

Here are six stone care and protection tips for keeping all the natural stone surfaces in your home beautiful:

  1. Always protect your natural stone surfaces from damage by using trivets under hot pots and pans, coasters under drinks — particularly alcoholic beverages and fruit juices — and area rugs, runners, and/or non-slip mats on high-traffic floor areas.
  1. Use placemats or coasters to protect your stone surface from being scratched by china, ceramic-ware, or silver and to keep it from becoming etched by acidic foods such as vinegar, salad dressing, lemon juice, or tomato sauce.
  1. Consider periodically sealing your natural stone surface to provide a layer of protection against dirt and spills. However, always consult a stone care professional first to discuss the type of stone and its location and use in your home, the type of sealer that would work best for your stone’s composition and application, and several other considerations that your stone care expert can explain which might have a bearing on whether sealing would be the wiser choice for your stone surface.
  1. Use a squeegee after showering to minimize soap-scum buildup on your stone tiles or shower floor.
  1. Recognize the difference between softer, more porous natural stones such as marble, travertine, onyx, and limestone, which require greater protection than harder stones such as granite, slate, quartzite, and sandstone. Consult your stone care professional about how to tell the difference.
  1. Always clean your natural stone surfaces properly. For information on cleaning natural stone, please visit our Natural Stone Cleaning & Maintenance Dos and Don’tspage.